Відкрито представництво компанії Solana в Україні

Заснування ТОВ "Солана Україна" в лютому 2010 р.

New enterprise location with great prospects: On February 1th 2010, the Solana Ukraina TOV was founded in Boryspil near the Ukrainian capital Kiev (address: Kirova str. 1, Gorodyshche village, district Boryspil, Kyiv region, 08350 Ukraine — see new address in 'Contact'). Boryspil is part of a vast Ukrainian potato growing area which qualifies through its logistic and infrastructural advantages as well as its proximity to customers.

High-quality basic seeds and class A seed potatoes are being multiplied in the Chernigow region 130 km from Kiev in close collaboration with a joint-venture-partner. The high potential for agriculture in this region results from good sol fertility and beneficial climatic conditions which are well suited for the multiplication of seed stock. Moreover, the location stands out through its healthy conditions and lack of aphids which could infect the potatoes with viruses.

Solana Ukraina will carry out the import of seed potatoes and the distribution of the Solana varieties to Ukraine and Belarus starting with the current planting season. In addition, the company will consult its sutomers in all questions regarding the cultivation and marketing of the varieties.

Throughout the world, Ukraine is in fifth place regarding size of cultivation areas  and yields, following China, Russia, India and the US. The annual per-capita consumption exceeds 140 kg, which makes the potato the country’s most important staple food.

Solana’s managing director Torsten Spill emphasizes: „The development of our business in Ukraine is dear to our heart. Our varieties are well suited to increase the yields and fulfill the consumption needs of the people. Our chances of taking over a leading market position with our company are good.“

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