Together to the top!

If you want to reach the highest peaks - become our partner - a partner of Solana!

Together we are able to overcome everything!

Climb of the highest peak of Ukraine together with "Solana Ukraina"

The team of "Solana Ukraina" together with the partners and their family members from TOV “Zabarivske”, STOV “Desna”, TOV “DSV Logistyka” have conquered the highest peak of Ukraine - Hoverla Mountain!

The event was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine.

To love Ukraine, to learn Ukraine and to enjoy the beauty of Ukraine! Just the same sounds from the mouth of Solana team regarding potatoes. We love potatoes, we enjoy the results being received from joint production of potatoes and carry to the whole world and to the whole Ukraine, to all potato-growers, to each family and to each plant our love and warmth.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

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