Solana’s Field Day in Chernihiv area, 26th July 2017

One more day of new experience and knowledge

2017-Field Day in Chernihiv area
Solana’s Potato Day was held on 26 July, 2017 and was organized jointly with STOV Desna and TOV Zabarivske. Company "Adama Ukraine" with a wide range of chemicals for the protection of potatoes from weeds, pathogenic fungi and pests was the partner of the Potato Day. The seminar was attended by guests from Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, France, Holland, Ireland and all corners of Ukraine.

During the Field Day the state of the seed plantings, their purity (desiccation was postponed because of Field Day), the number of tubers under the plants and the homogeneity of the tubers were demonstrated. With the right choice of the varieties for the Ukrainian market and good condition of seed plantings without irrigation Solana Ukraina proved again own mission: “We work with the purpose that our customers – potato growers – could obtain highest reward for their job”.

Granada, Labella, Opal, Red Lady, Queen Anne, Lanorma, Laperla, Taisiya, Francisca, Miranda, Toscana, Belmonda are the varieties that a successful business in Ukraine requires. They are the insurance, confidence in the future, success and development. And the use of seed material, grown with love, warmth, and supported by the knowledge and skills of Solana team, and the great family of Solana, guarantees you success and prosperity in potato growing.

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