Solana takes over distribution and marketing for SaKa in Germany

Solana GmbH & Co. KG responsible for distribution and marketing of SaKa potato varieties on the German market starting in July

The time  is ripe for changes at SaKa / Solana group: True to the motto "More quality. More flexibility. More Internationality." the Solana GmbH & Co. KG takes over distribution and marketing of SaKa potato varieties in Germany from July 1st, 2010. So far, this has been solely business of SaKa Pflanzenzucht GbR, while Solana, being an independent commercial enterprise, was in charge of the distribution of the SaKa varieties in international potato business.

The distribution of seed stock for farmers, manufacturing and trade in Germany will be carried out completely by Solana from July 1st. The company will become authorized user of the varieties as well, while SaKa will remain holder of the potato varieties and concentrate further on breeding and research. The primary reason for the reorganization is the growing international focus of the group of companies, especially in consideration of the decreasing boundaries in Europe.

„Solana is a well-known brand in the branch of potato cultivation“, says managing director Torsten Spill. „This brand is now supposed to prove its strength on the German market. This means for our German customers: The seperation of the national and international business will be abolished, Germany will be even better connected in international merchandise traffic and the business opportunities of our partners abroad will be enhanced.“ 

The company still has its roots in Germany, in spite of the growing expansion during the past years. The expansion path to the foreign countries of Europe began in the 80s with Solana becoming shareholder in the Dutch breeding company Den Hartigh BV. The foundation of Samara-Solana Russia followed in 1994 and aimed at the production of high quality potato seed for the region Samara and adjoining provinces. Since summer of 2002, the company is present on the Turkish market due to the foundation of the affiliated company Solana Avrasya. The establishment of Solana Polska in Poland in 2003 and Solana Ukraina in 2010 underlines the company’s strong focus on Eastern Europe. The Mediterranean area is gaining relevance, as well: Besides existing seed multiplication areas in Spain and Turkey, a representation in France is going to open this summer. In this international setting, Solana GmbH & Co KG distributes more than 40 potato varieties.

„We intend to pool our resources for our customers and offer all services from one hand“, says Spill. „SaKa benefits from the reorganization as well and can put more effort into research and breeding.“ According to Spill, nothing will change for the customers regarding the familiar high quality and expert advice around potatoes and seed stock. „We take our motto "More quality. More flexibility. More Internationality." literally and promise positive effects in dealing with our customers, merchants and farmers.“

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