Solana Potato Day in Dnipropetrovsk region

2020- Field Day «Potatoes under irrigation» in v. Khutirske
When due to adverse weather conditions and lack of precipitation throughout Ukraine the growth and development of potatoes has stopped, potatoes on irrigated land are in the stage of intensive crop growth. That is why on August 5, Solana Ukraina held Solana Potato Day at farm Khutirske LLC.

Under irrigation, Solana’s varieties occupy leading positions because they set a large number of tubers and therefore have a genetically determined high yield potential. This could be seen in the commercial field of Khutirske LLC, where 5 Solana’s varieties are grown: 4 of them are table potatoes - Prada, Granada, Belmonda, Red Lady, and one is chip variety for the local chips factory "Chips Club". Certain nuances were marked when growing potatoes under irrigation, because usage of irrigation requires careful treatment of the land. Black soils having organic components and a high content of clay fraction, lose their structure when watered and become floating. Therefore, the care of such lands requires increased attention and should be more careful in order to preserve and, if necessary, restore the structure of such lands and their quality. At the time of the Potato Day, the farm was harvesting 50 t/ha of Prada variety. Prada has an elongated oval shape very similar to the shape of the market leaders - Queen Anne and Granada. Large wholesale buyers pay for Prada, as well as for these two varieties, at least 0.50 UAH/kg more than the highest price on the market.

The friendly atmosphere, openness, allowed growers who have not yet worked with Solana to get answers to technological questions about the problems that have troubled them for more than one season. As always, the Potato Day was held in the spirit of mutual understanding and emotional "family" communication.

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