Solana Potato Day-2021!

Solana potato day 2021
Despite the time of harvest (which is in full swing), nor the quarantine restrictions, Solana Potato Day was visited by a large number of potato growers who were happy to see colleagues, potatoes and to talk to each other. So happy we, the team of Solana Ukraina, were to see all of the growers, because such a great event is the biggest thanks for our activity in the potato market. We sincerely thank all the potato growers for their work, for their love for potatoes, for recognizing Solana's achievements both in breeding and in potato growing technology.

Every year is a special year, and 2021 is no exception: the intense rains of spring and early June have confirmed our insistence that the basis of the harvest is tillage. Properly and deeply cultivated soil, application of ameliorants, work on physiologically mature soil - all this contributed to drainage, maintaining the shape of the ridge, comfortable growth of potato plants and good results on varieties Natalia, Prada, Laperla, Granada, Queen Anne, Red Lady, Rodriga , Belmonda, Sunshine, Connect, Miranda, Opal, which confirmed their potential.

We want to note that incredible stars have been added to the potato sky:
When an industrial field is in front of you and any dug-up plant shows very uniform tubers with excellent marketability, it leaves no one indifferent.

Chips variety Opal also shows incredible results. Despite all the adventures with weather, it reaffirmed its stability under any conditions again!

Thanks again to everyone for visiting!!

We love potatoes! We love you!

Team of Solana Ukraina

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