Solana Field Day at Sutton Bridge

On 11th December 2014 the Solana-Field Day was held in Sutton Bridge for the second time after the successful launch in 2013. About 40 visitors, among them farmers, represantatives of the packing companies and the industry got an overview of the range of varieties which are specifically intended for the UK market.

In addition to already established varieties like Verdi, Caruso and the new hopefuls Belmonda and Lilly, Solana demonstrated some very interesting varieties for the future. All the potatoes displayed had been grown in Cambride and Norfolk to test their potential under local conditions. One of the key topics was the question of how new markets for varieties can be developed, rather than just looking to provide better substitutes for existing varieties in the market.

The Famers Guardian, also reported on the Field Day and this issue. Please click here to read the report.

Due to the positive response from the visitors we look forward to next Field Day 2015 at Sutton Bridge.

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