2018-Potato Day «Solana» in Chernihiv oblast

A step ahead!

2018- Potato Day in Chernihiv oblast
25.07.2018 – «Solana» Potato Day (circled day on calendars of potato growers). All the potato growers living under the slogan "We love potatoes!" were the guests of “Solana”, “Zabarivske”, and “Sammit-Agro” that day.

To be a step ahead is the task of Solana because we are seed-producers and we grow the product for the following businesses. We bear responsibility before ware-potato producers or before those potato-growers who take potato of class Elite and propagate it in their farms.

We apply high rates of fertilizers in our fields so that the seeds can accumulate enough storage substances, macro and micro elements, which will allow to get healthy sprouts, fast germination and, in general, high marketable yield.

To control the pathogens we use optimal as for the price but the most effective chemical preparations based on Mancozeb (Manzate) and Ranman Top (in case of challenging weather conditions).

We are perfectly preparing the soil so that the plants can create the maximum amount of root hairs to survive all the weather conditions and comfortably form the yield. For maximum mass of roots and a good tuber setting we add phosphorus-containing fertilizer Nutri-Phite Magnum S

We switched to technology with the formation of wider distances between ridges (90 cm), so that the tubers were not overheated and did not accumulate a large amount of total temperatures. We use harvester without hopper to reduce damages. We lease an air-conditioned warehouse so that the seeds retain maximum strength and ability to sprout quickly.

We do all this with the purpose that potato growers are completely satisfied with the result that they get with "Solana" seeds, and because we love potatoes!

Thank you for your live and respect for us!

Sincerely yours,
Solana team

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