Potato Day «Solana» 2020

Once again, Solana Potato Day is celebrated as a big family coming to their parents' house. This visit was a jubilee - the 10th. Potato growers from all over Ukraine came to the fields of TOV "Zabarivske" to inspect once again the planting of Solana Ukraina and once again make sure that the experience of 10 years is fully perceived: the soil for plants is treated perfectly (despite the fact that for ten years the potatoes did not return to the same field as it once was), the equipment is selected and supplemented with units so as to minimize soil moisture loss, minimize soil injury, avoid seed injury, save seed material with minimal potential loss. All these actions give us the opportunity to say with confidence that our planting material is the best on the Ukrainian market, that Solana varieties are in safe hands, and their potential is preserved and strengthened. Having such knowledge for seed production, we openly shared it with all potato growers, because we are responsible for the result of our varieties and our seeds.

This year, we saw many new faces on Potato Day, which confirms the correctness of the chosen tactics - we love potatoes! So we must do everything to make her love us!

Sincerely yours,
Solana team

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