Open Days: Variety exhibition of Den Hartigh and Solana

From 06 to 08 November 2013 ‚Open Days’ are held in Emmeloord (Netherlands) - the traditional variety show of potato breeders. Den Hartigh, the Dutch affiliated company of Solana, also opens its doors for three days and exhibist about 40 potato varieties of Den Hartigh and Solana, for example Forza, Endeavour, Connect, 7FOUR7, Lilly, Figaro, Verdi or Belmonda.

Visitors can also take a chance to look in the future: In addition to the already established varieties seedlings will be presented: These were crossed a few years ago and could become a variety in five to six years.

The ‘Open Days’ take place in Emmeloord every year and attract potato enthusiasts from all over Europe. Visitors can travel from farm to farm and learn about potato varieties, breeding and recent developments.

The variety exhibition Den Hartigh and Solana takes place in the buildings of Den Hartigh. The teams of Solana and Den Hartigh look forward to your visit!


Den Hartigh B.V.
Produktieweg 2
8304 AV Emmeloord


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