Field Day in Sumy region: “Potatoes on black soil: pro and contra”.

2016-Field Day of Solana at TOV “Agrobusiness TSK”
2016-Field Day of Solana at TOV “Agrobusiness TSK”
With this Field Day in Sumy region at the farm "Agribusiness FAC" the company "Solana Ukraine" together with chemical company BASF has completed the chain of Potato Days in Ukraine. The event was aimed at the demonstration of potato production on irrigated black soils.

The main task of Solana was to offer potato varieties suitable for growing in heavy soils, those that will retain marketability, produce high yields, are minimally susceptible to damages during harvesting and are able to retain attractive appearance due to easy release of black soil. The best varieties year after year in this farm are Labella, Toscana, Belmonda, and despite the fact that this is black soil, the farm also grows Granada (variety, which has become the market leader in Ukraine).

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