Field Day in “Amarant Agro”, 27th June 2017

2017 Field Day in Amarant Agro
On 27th June 2017 Solana Ukraina together with company BASF held the seminar “Early potato yield makes your business successful” in the farm PSP “Amarant Agro” (Kyiv area).

Two varieties – Minerva and Laperla – make it possible to get early yield in central Ukraine. Despite the strong frost on 5th May, which killed 90% of germinated sprouts, good early crop was formed due to efforts of Mykola Rymarchuk and his team. For the moment harvesting of Minerva was started with average yield 18,5 t/ha and selling price of 10,5 UAH/kg.

But the high price for early potato is quickly low down. To avoid the problem farmers need the variety which grows faster than price decreases. Such a variety is Laperla. According to data of Amarant Agro: 25.06.2017 – 18,0 t/ha
02.07.2017 – 27 t/ha
14.07.2017 – 43 t/ha
26.07.2017 – 57 t/ha
01.08.2017 – 65 t/ha
Such dynamics can be observed each year in both Ukraine and Belarus.

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