Field Day in PSP Amarant Agro

Fild Day - 2016 in PSP Amarant Agro, v. Shpytky
On 3rd Aurgust 2016 company “BASF T.O.V.” together with TOV “Solana Ukraina” held a seminar on the base of PSP “Amarant Agro”, Kyiv oblast. The meeting was devoted to the new technologies in growing vegetables and potatoes. The main theme of the seminar was "Potato seeds as business to business", which is a continuation of our previous seminar. The seminar in “Amarant Agro” was aimed at building strong cooperation between potato growers and the producer of high quality planting material as well as well-known all over the world supplier of quality products for plant protection. Unlike previous meetings, where we demonstrated growing potato without irrigation, PSP "Amarant Agro" is a modern well-equipped farm which has a strong irrigation system. Therefore all vegetables and potatoes demonstrate the best results. Mykola Rymarchuk, the owner and a good chief manager, says: “During all my working life I have had different seasons: more successful, less successful… But I have never had failed seasons”. The reason is permanent improvement of growing technology in the farm. Each year brings new challenges. If we do not timely react, the consequences could be unforeseen and upsetting. Now in the farm they harvest potatoes and vegetables. Potato harvesting started at 18.06.2016 with Minerva variety. At the beginning, the yield was 18 t/ha. On 15 July they finished harvesting Minerva with the yield 63 t/ha. After Minerva they started harvesting Laperla with 72-75 t/ha of marketable yield. With such yield even market price for potatoes is not so important. Even at low purchasing price the farm will have a profit. Variety Aurea also shows good yield: 45 t/ha at chips factory. In general, average yield over all varieties will be rather high (more than 50 t/ha). This is the result of clear understanding and careful implementation of all technological operations performed during potato growing: saving winter moisture; balanced nutrition system providing all necessary elements for prospected yield; soil preparation which ensures loose soil structure without compactions and provide comfortable conditions in ridges for tuber setting and formation; observing optimal terms of soil preparation and planting, which should be done very quickly in order to avoid moisture losing; obligatory using of certified planting material from seed-multiplying farm (TOV “Solana Ukraina” is responsible for this); using varieties that are most suitable for given soil-climatic conditions. And always the desire is needed to work and get high results. All these items work wonders on Ukrainian land.

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