All-Ukraine Potato Day 2020

All-Ukraine Potato Day “Potato Blockchain”
27On August 27, 2020, All-Ukraine Potato Day “Potato Blockchain” took place in Denhy village, Cherkasy region, on the basis of Granex-Cherkasy LLC.

The event was organized by the Ukrainian Association of Potato Growers (UAVK), DLG Ukraine, the communication platform "Crazy Agronomist" and attracted the attention of a large number of specialists, agronomists, farmers, private entrepreneurs and researchers.

During the event, the participants were shown demo fields, where 76 new varieties of potatoes are grown under drip irrigation. "Solana Ukraina" presented 12 varieties, among which were the stars of the potato market - Granada, Queen Anna, Red Lady, and the latest very promising varieties - Prada, Natalia, Sunshine, Rodriga. In addition, the event included an inspection of the production sites of Granex-Cherkasy LLC and a demonstration of the equipment for potato growing in the field.

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