The future – our tradition

The Solana Group breeds modern potato varieties, and produces and distributes high-quality seed potatoes. Throughout our history we have always pursued the goal of breeding resistant, high-yielding varieties and supplying high-quality seed stock.

Versatile and international

Our range comprises around 60 different varieties for every intended purpose, suitable for almost every climate zone and to meet almost every taste.

In addition to breeding and distribution, we offer all the associated upstream and downstream services. These include research, varietal maintenance and the production of seed potatoes, quality management, expert advice on the choosing of varieties and the growing of potatoes, and organising and handling international logistics.

As well as its headquarters, Solana is present at several other locations in Germany, with its breeding stations in Windeby, Ranzin and Gransebieth, the propagation site in Stolpe and the potato store in Züssow.

Furthermore the Solana Group has its own subsidiary companies and in some cases its own farms in eight different countries, and is represented by sales offices in a further 23 countries.

Our roots: agriculture

Our roots lie in agriculture. Even today, we still have our own farming operations within our group of companies – both in Germany and in other countries.

This gives us a close relationship with crop cultivation and means that we are familiar with the challenges faced by our customers and seed growers. Not only that — many of our staff at Solana have their roots in agriculture, too.